Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2 - Stepper Tuning

The stepper controllers on the Melzi board inside the Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2, Monoprice Maker Select and Cocoon Create are incorrectly tuned for the stepper motors. The Wanhao Google group again has some great information on the symptoms here. Using that information, I created a video on how to research the data on your own stepper motors and correct the current being sent to them for cool and quiet printing.

X, Y, E Motors - 42HS34(L)-0954-JA05
Z Motors - 42HS34(L)-1204-JA05

Decoding model numbers
42           HS   34(L)      - 095            4
Diameter(mm) Type Length(mm) - Max Current(A) Number of connectors

HS = Hybrid stepper, in case you wanted to know

My Results

Stepper Motor Max Amp Factory VREF (v) Correct VREF (v) Correct Amp (90% max)
X 0.950 0.817 0.684 0.855
Y 0.950 0.777 0.684 0.855
E 0.950 0.785 0.684 0.855
Z 1.200 0.789 0.864 1.080

The variable resistors/potentiometers are too coarse to achieve 3-digit accuracy with any regularity, my final number were slightly off my targets but well within tolerances. The motors are running cooler and quieter than previously with no skipping evident from the drop in current.

Written directions


Original Tuning Detail


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